Pissed (woops)

Thursday night (I can’t type straight) and Luisa and I had Pete over for dinner. We got stuck into some nice bottles of wine, and well you know, it doesn’t take me much at all *grins*.

I really can’t be fagged typing in here. But I will.

Last night was the Sneak EP launch, it was awesome stuff. So many people there, so many band folks, lots of catching up with people. Sneak rocked the place – the vibe was amazing. Caught up with Andy P, got a pink dove of him – woo hoo. Chatted with the Sneak boys, mmmm Edan was yum as usual. We yakked with Anthony from Heavy Human Traffic, it was very funny, little pisshead it seems!!

Well I am off coz I can’t make sense of the keyboard. More later. Bass Station Friday night as well as Slumberyard. YAY Let’s Hear It For Us!!!

~ by Fen on May 10, 2001.

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