Mummy’s Day!

Well it’s a gorgeous Sunday – just for Mother’s Day. My Mum is out shopping with her friend, she’s been out all weekend, dirty stopout!!

I have had an amazing weekend. Luisa, El, Craig and I went to the home of rave, Bass Station on Friday night. It was BERSERK! I met John there, haven’t seen him in ages. Started off up top, level 3, for some psy trance. Dropped 1/4 and warmed up. After Midro finished his short set upstairs we bolted downstairs, just as I started to peak. We hit level 1 as some chick was playing, she was very good. I hit the dance floor and practically didn’t leave it for 5 hours straight. It was one of the best pills yet. TOTALLY in touch with the music, I was just going mad with the excitement of it all.

When Midro hit the decks the place was just going ballistic. He had us all in the palm of his hand, working us all into a powdery frenzy. I was in rave heaven and Midro was the God.

Eventually I went over to the couches where El and Luisa had crashed a couple of hours earlier. I met up with Ro, who I met last time I was there and a whole bunch of new guys. I danced with one of them (Fen can’t remember his name) for the rest of the night!

Master Kaos was just superb with his scratching, I was in the middle of the floor in total awe at this scratching abilites. He dropped a song that I totally love (no idea of the name of course) and I went nuts.

We left at about 7am, the girls had had enough by then and I was being nice! he he he

Saturday night we went to see Pean at the Geebung, it was great as usual. Matty was in the silliest mood, then again, so was Steve. Lots of laughs to be had. Got tired as on the way home, in bed by 1:45am!

Dropped Luisa at the airport this morning *sniffs*. This time seemed to go by so quickly. Hopefully the days til the next long weekend fly and she’ll be here again.

I’m off, too much written, brain is powder.


~ by Fen on May 13, 2001.

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