More late nights…..

WOOPS seems I just undertook another late night. Once again I went out with the full intention of being in bed by 1am! Emma and I headed off to the Geebung and on the way Andy M sent me a message. So I rang him and after a quick detour, we were 3.

Pean weren’t bad, but the music they play at the Geebung really is for the older crowd, too much of the retro 80’s shit for me. But I was drinking so I didn’t care. Caught up with Dennis and even Soph dropped in for a bit. We waited for James after the gig and had a yak to him. Seems he is having MAJOR relationship problems at the moment, poor boy. But on the bright side, she is crap anyway!! ha ha ha So who knows what will happen there. Not starting my lessons on Monday as planned, James is having rehearsals now for the big America trip. I pretended to get sooky about it – it was very funny, I told him I’d just find someone else to teach me. He was like ‘Fuck no, I want to teach you’. ha ha ha

So we decided to pop into the Metro, Andy works there, so it was all free. Bumped into Andy Grant on the way in, had chats with him, he was with his Dad. How sweet. Told me I had to come along on Wednesday to the Sneak gig. Will try.

Saw the new band Load, who are ex members of Supernova and Blimp 69. Weren’t bad, at least they still do the ‘heavier’ stuff, ie Tool. I think they have fairly good potential, last night was their first gig.

So we ended up getting in the door at 5am. Oh well. I didn’t get up til 1pm today, after a nice coughing fit. I am feeling like I need a snooze again, can’t be fagged being awake today. Wish I had raved this weekend, I think I am ADDICTED. eeeeeeek 🙂

I am so hanging for God’s Kitchen. Andy and I have made a deal that we won’t drop til that weekend, so we are in prime condition!!!

~ by Fen on May 20, 2001.

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