Bored – bored but excited

Evening children of bonjella.
Well I am well pissed off coz my fave site is not working properly, I can’t get into the forum on and I am addicted and now I am in withdrawal and I ache all over and I am sweating and shaking. Help me!

I got my GOD’S KITCHEN ticket tonight in the mail, I opened the envelope and wooped up the driveway, I hope no one saw me being silly! Nah who cares eh. Lozoodle got hers today, so man we are set for the biggest night ever!

ROCK ON – 2 weeks and 10 hours to go!
The countdown has begun in earnest.

I feel sick, I just ate way too many Tim Tams, and I am not admitting how many either, coz it was lots, but not a whole packet!! I had a craving okay.

*stomps foot* I want my forums and I want them now dammit. Why tonight when I have nothing to do coz my friends suck. *eeeek*

~ by Fen on May 24, 2001.

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