This is beautiful – thank you Mandy

I was extremely touched by this piece of writing from Mandy. I thought I would put it in here for ALL to see. Thank you sweetie *hugs*


I feel like its hunting me
And there is no turning back
And the pain is so intense
And the crowd just gets thicker.
I cant begin to speak the words
They turn to liquid inside
And slide down my cheeks,
Its so much easier that way.
I can no longer sense movement
And I wonder
How long this will hold me.
Get me out of here.
Get me out of this hell
Im sinking faster than you can imagine.
So foolish I was
To secretly believe
That life was easy.
Life is a game,
And I dont know how to play.
But I found out
That if we play the wrong way
Its not just one life that is effected.
Its ringing in my ears
Pinning me down
Dragging me around.
And I cant sort out my head.
And I cant erase that picture.
Makes me wonder
Just when all the hurt will stop
And if it will stop at all.

I cant fall asleep,
Im afraid to dream.
I dont know how to feel,
Ive forgotten how.

6 June 2001

~ by Fen on June 7, 2001.

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