Sunday evening lethargy

Well it’s been a fairly uneventful weekend in the life of a PIE.

Friday night went to see Pean at bogan city. Wasn’t too bad. Good to see James again, even if he was sickoodle. He had lots of tales from America to tell.

Saturday I went to Nan’s and took her shopping with me. We had a lot of fun, I love my Nan! Saturday night I DIDN’T GO OUT, I repeat, I didn’t go out. Dave came over, we ate donuts, drank alcohol and watched the cricket (ooh that reminds me, I have some caramello choc left)! Went to bed around 3am, wasn’t a bad effort.

Today I haven’t done a great deal. Went to parents house for a while, visited Ben, saw Sue & Peter and chatted to them on the side of the road on the way home. Felt painful for a while. My heart aches with such force at times, it’s all I can do not to choke when I speak. Eeek emotions. Mum suggested we all go for counselling. I think if I did that I would cry for hours. I have so much going around my head right now.

So it was back to the good old housework when I got home this arvo. ha ha ha Isn’t life grand.

PS – I purchased Faithless’ new album yesterday, got it home, inspected CD, not just a scratch on it, it was a freaking great gouge out of it. *Fen stomps foot* Damn hippies.

~ by Fen on June 24, 2001.

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