Passing the time til I can get out the back and re-start work again.
‘They’ are having the ‘talk’ at the moment. I have to man the office. Or person the office. I really just want to get this shit started. Stuff that is going to take me a while, but at least it keeps me out the back with my music and my sanity.

Martin stayed over last night. I had the start of a migraine, boy did my head feel like it was going to rip. Went to yoga, that was good. Came home, felt like I was gonna chuck so took a panadeine forte thing. Felt better within 20 mins. I hate it when it gets like that. But I knew there was no way it was going to disappear by itself, spesh when the nausea started.

So yeah, it was rather difficult to get out of bed this morning. Damn work and it’s ever present need. Damn having to rely on money in life.

Ah well.

It’s a crap windy cold day today. A good day for staying in bed actually. Snuggled up under the doona. Mmmmm. Or reading, at the improbable rate of around 50 pages an hour. More if I am not interrupted!! I want the nice weather back. Grrrrr.

~ by Fen on October 30, 2001.

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