Friday is PIE Day is Friday.
Curriculum Day, very quiet, very productive, though boring.
Spent most of the day doing the asset register.

Have a stabbing sharp pain in one particular spot in my abdomen. Rang the gynie, they reckon it’s nothing to do with my op, I f**king hope so for their sake. Just seems strange that it was the exact same spot where I had pain just after the operation. Hmmmmm. It woke me up this morning, I had been dreaming about it as well. Make it go away.

Not sure what I am doing this weekend, could be a quiet one. Though I hope to do something interesting at the very least. I hate doing nothing every weekend. I wanna at least get out and do some riding :)))

So I think I will do some boring as housework tonight – well someone has to do it 😀

~ by Fen on April 26, 2002.

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