Some stuff that came out of my head

I’m 27 years old. My Mum was 54 when she died. Double my age.
Why should we work all our lives for a comfortable retirement if we might not even make it that far? Why is society thinking this way? What is the point in busting your ass 5 days a week when you are not going to enjoy it at the end.
But then how the hell do you live anyway other than this? All I want is quality in my life. I am finding more and more I am not able to put up with the pettiness of my colleagues. Their views on life are pathetic (with a few notable exceptions).

It’s a scary thought. I was going to write much more then I realised I am at work and I will not get anything done today. Woops.


~ by Fen on May 29, 2002.

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