Big Day Out 2003

What a day!Arrived at the showgrounds around 3pm and walked a country mile from the carpark to the showgrounds…still, parking was a bonus! Thankfully the weather wasn’t too hot though we did put on some sunscreen as it was brilliantly sunny.For the first couple of hours we wandered about getting acquainted with our surroundings and meeting up with people – we were pretty relaxed and happy just to meander about.Our first act we caught properly were the Resin Dogs in the Boiler Room and they were impressive with their funk and energy. Next up was Luke Slater who wasn’t bad, a nice mix of techno – started with Pon Tape so I was happy! We caught the first few songs of Kraftwerk next with their interesting set up of 4 laptops on stands. Very minimal electronic sounds but great nonetheless. The next act we caught in it’s entirity was Jane’s Addiction. I have waited years hoping that these guys would reform and finally I was able to witness the madness of Perry Farrell for myself. They certainly didn’t disappoint playing a fantastic set. Three Days was of course my favourite, giving me goosebumps all over!We then had half an hour to get things done and get back to the Boiler Room for Underworld. We got almost up the front and stuck our grounds until the lights dimmed and the crowd roared as Underworld took the stage. What a fucking experience! I could barely believe that I was standing there watching one of my favourite dance music acts in the world. Karl Hyde was jumping about on the stage just metres away from me – it was surreal and the most fantastic thing EVER! They opened with Rez/Cowgirl and from there on it was a mix of wild madness and amazing tunes. The energy and vibe was awesome! They closed with the encore of Moaner and all too soon the show was over. But tonight I am going to do it all over again at the Metro. I CAN’T WAIT!Back at work now and I am struggling!! My lungs are so full of dust and muck I can barely breathe. Need match sticks to keep my eyes open. Ha ha ha but it was so worth it. Hurrah!

~ by Fen on January 28, 2003.

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