last day

my knee hurts like an absolute bitch today, it’s actually been hurting for 3 days now…have no idea what i have done, but it is fairly painful and very annoying. I guess if it continues I will have to go to the docs, which I am about due to do anyway.Dad and I have been organising the plot thingy at the cemetary for Mum. We want to have it done by her first anniversary. We’ve got a stone to put the plaque on, Dad has chosen the lawn plot and now it all just has to come together I guess. It will be good(?) to have somewhere that people (including ourselves) can go to and pay their respects. I had lunch with Mum’s best friend on Friday, it was fantastic to catch up with her again. She was telling me she has some little thing on her coffee table that Mum gave her and when she looks at it she always thinks of Mum. Sweet really. We all have our own reminders I guess.Back to work tomorrow, very much not looking forward to that. Ah well, 2 months and 2 days til I head to the UK!!


~ by Fen on April 27, 2003.

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