Sunday = Mother’s Day

Bit of a strange day really. Not too sure what to do with myself. I rang my Nan and wished her happy mother’s day. This time last year, well it’s a blur. I remember we went up to Mum & Dad’s and had lunch with them and Mum didn’t eat much. We ate in the new room and it was sunny and warm. A few days later I was motherless. My memory of that time, the time leading up to that day, is hazy, but that day is etched into my memory so clearly. Even now, nearly a year later, parts of it play out in my minds eye like a slow moving reality. I’ve requested Friday off this week. I think I want to spend the day doing nothing, or nothing much, just doing what I want to do.Have a job interview tomorrow afternoon – bit nervous about it already.Went and saw X-Men 2 last night – enjoyed it very muchly. I love the X Men stories and this film was better than the first one. Came home and watched some of The Matrix that was on telly – realised that my dreaming life is very similar to that of the matrix and wondered just what sort of ‘pills’ I have been taking….. LMAO! Very interesting indeed!!!!


~ by Fen on May 11, 2003.

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