please excuse my language but….

my CUNT of an ex rang me today. Obviously playing funny buggers. I haven’t heard from or seen him in over 5 years and I was totally happy with that situation. If he was dead it would be even better. But no. My mobile rings, ‘private number’, I answer it and this voice, sounding familiar, says hello back to me. I’m like, okay who is this (to myself). He says, ‘aren’t you ever going to talk to me again’ and I replied why would I talk to you (coz I didn’t know who it was). Then it hit me who it was. I freaked out. I felt sick. I said ‘who is this’ and he made some smart assed comment so I hung up on him. FUCKING CREEP. YUCKSo that made my day a bit seedy. I felt violated and my skin was crawly. How fucking pathetic. Once a loser always a loser I guess.


~ by Fen on May 24, 2003.

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