tuesday is foggy

Just went outside to farewell Dad and it’s foggy as fek again. So surreal looking up the street to see the lights shrouded, can’t even see the traffic lights at the end of the street.

I took today off coz I had to go into my new work this afternoon. I just couldn’t be bothered putting up with my current job so called in sick. Slack eh. I got in the city early and sat in the Fitzroy Gardens (opposite my work) in the sun and just soaked up the serenity. Aaaah! Met up with my new boss, got shown around, very impressed indeed. I think I am going to like this place.

Met up with Martin afterwards for a late lunch at The Lounge then off home. A rather lazy night watching telly and doing not much at all. Aah the serenity!

~ by Fen on May 27, 2003.

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