It’s over…..another chapter ends

Well it’s been and gone…my last day of working at the school. It was a strange day. Lots of parents and kids coming to say goodbye and wish me well. A fair bit of work to do, which was a nice change! Had a farewell thing at recess, I didn’t want to do it but of course had to. Tried to keep a low profile for the rest of the day coz I really didn’t want a fuss anymore.Got to leave at 4pm and went down to the pub with anyone else who wanted to come along. We didn’t stay that late, it was a disgusting day weather wise and I think everyone wanted to get home to a warm house. It blew an absolute gale all day, then in the afternoon it turned into a dust storm. Just as we hit the pub the heavens opened up and it poured torrentialy. YUK.Today I feel like I am getting a head cold. I haven’t had a cold at all this year and it’s pissing me off that I am getting it now. Could have waited til after I start my new job.


~ by Fen on June 7, 2003.

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