things on a boring sunday on my lonesome

I am going to Amsterdam when I am OS. How damn excited am I feeling. I have been emailing Michelle and she is up for it, she has a free flight to use. I am so looking forward to it now. We haven’t worked out the logistics of it yet, but it will happen. Can’t wait to see her either, I haven’t seen her properly in a couple of years. She’s got a friend in Liverpool as well, so she said she can come down and visit before we leave! Hurrah. So very happy with those plans.I’m home by myself tonight, Martin has gone to see Ken Ishii at Seven. El came round for dinner tonight then we went and spent nearly $50 on god knows what at the supermarket. All junk and rubbish, except for some toenail clippers!Read my work notes, all a bit foreign to me at the moment, but I am sure I will learn it all in no time. Eeep. Thankfully tomorrow is a public holiday, the extra day of relaxing will do me good!!!!


~ by Fen on June 8, 2003.

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