Originally I typed up a long entry from Amsterdam Aiport only to have LJ stuff it up and chew it to pieces. Ah well.So..back in the land of crap food again, but this time it’s HOT. Olay olay. I think it’s going to be close to 30 degrees today – rock on. Might have to break out the bikini and get some tanning happening. I know it’s bad for your skin, but I hate being white and pasty!Amsterdam was fantastic, what a beautiful city it is. All those canals and gorgeous buildings, how can you not fall in love with it. Unfortunately I had a massive head cold and was feeling hugely under the weather, but I still managed to have a lot of fun nonetheless. Didn’t get to sample some of the Dams produce, though I did purchase a joint, but I felt too sick to smoke it! Never mind. The first night we were there we headed straight for the red light district (of course!). It was amazing, a real eye opener. Not that any of the girls were wonderful, if I was a guy, there would have been only one girl that I would have done, the rest were average. It was great to see the guys trying to work up their courage courtesy of a few beers and bargain some prices. Hahahahaha. Desperados!The second day we wandered about the canals, lay on the grass in the sun near the museums and then had dinner at a funky place which doubled as a gallery. We then parked in a coffee shop for a while, where Tim and Michelle smoked a bit. Then it was off to a live sex show which I must say was pretty disappointing. I was expecting to be shocked, but I thought it was all a bit lame. Weird that peoples were having sex in front of you, but still lame. We wandered about the red light district some more before heading back to our hotel.It was awesome to catch up with Tim and Michelle again, I guess I won’t see them for another year or so now. Anyway, today I am taking it easy. Still feeling average, so going to tan and watch DVD’s. Heading off to Italy on Wednesday for a week, and it’s been low 30’s there for some time, so that shall be wicked.Fenxxxx


~ by Fen on July 14, 2003.

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