my eyes, my head, no brain

jetlag jetlag jetlag jetlag jetlag jetlag jetlag jetlagoh what funfeeling all surreal right nowhad a 3 hour snooze this arvo, more like a descent into a coma and back, i was so exhausted all of a suddenwent out this morning, after waking up at 4am, and purchased a tall boy so martin has something to put his clothes in – how excitingcancelled all but my mobile phone with optus, they are the most pathetic telecommunications company EVER – 6 months and they still haven’t got it right grrrrrrthere’s something odd about my car, maybe it’s just coz i haven’t driven for a month, but the stereo doesn’t work either hmpffnot sure if i am going to work tomorrow, i’ll see how i feel in the morning, don’t want to push italice loves me – i thought she might do her shitty trick, but she’s all over me like a rash. elliott on the other hand is scared of me and keeps running away – daft catit’s freezing and pissing down – aaaah back to winter – the joys!


~ by Fen on July 29, 2003.

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