i think it’s wednesday

Woke up at 5.30am this morning, so my body clock is slowly getting back to normal! I got up and watched the final of BB that Martin had taped for me, then drove Martin to the station and went back to bed. I just lay there for a few hours, fell asleep, listened to the rain (not in that order) and was all warm and snuggly. It’s a shame I can’t be a full time slack ass, coz I really think the lifestyle suits me 100%.Picked up my photos before, was reminded just how shit it is in Berwick at lunch time, drove around for 10 mins before I found a park 😐 6 packets of photos – cost me a fortune, but it’s worth it. There are some really cute ones of Jaye (Ean & Kate’s daughter) and some lovely ones of scenery in Italy and so on. I really didn’t take that many ‘people’ shots, which was a shame, but they’re good photos all the same. Might scan them one of these days, months or years!Alice is here bugging the crapola out of me, surely she can’t be hungry this early in the day. So it’s rainy and cold outside, no make that freezing. Can’t be bothered doing much else today. I have a load or 3 of washing to be done, but I really don’t want to drive up the hill to use the washing machine at Upper Beac. Besides, Dad is home and I can’t be bothered with that either. Ooh, forgot to say, we met his girlfriend at the airport on Sunday night. It was a bit awkward indeed. So it’s done, don’t have to meet her again! hahahahaha. Being a bit childish now, but I am so over it already. Meh.


~ by Fen on July 30, 2003.

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