I know you’ll all want to hear about my impending trip to the hospital (insert sarcasm here), but I have to vent. I’m going to have a colonoscopy on Friday. With Mum having had cancer so young (44 the first time) and with my current IBS problems, I thought it was time to get it all checked out. It’s not a pleasant procedure, but hey, neither is having cancer I’m sure. Aaanyway, I haven’t even got to the drinking the cacky stuff and spending hours on the toilet yet and I am complaining.Today I had to start eating a fat lot of nothingness. By this I mean, white bread, clear soup, white pasta, white rice etc. No fruit, veg, meat – you get the picture. By the time I got home tonight I was ready to pass out, my blood sugar levels were so low it was diabolical. I stumbled through the door, told Martin to help coz I was going to pass out, then almost collapsed.Luckily I am not going to work tomorrow, as I have to start the drinking crap earlyish, and my boss told me not to bother coming in. Ugh. It’s going to be a fun few days for me. He he. Martin is running around the house getting his skiing stuff ready as he leaves straight from work on Friday night. As usual he’s stressing! Typical male really! ha ha ha


~ by Fen on August 13, 2003.

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