Well here I am on the otherside! hahahahaApart from the inconvenience, today’s and last night’s process wasn’t too bad. It took nearly 3 hours for the ‘drink’ to kick in and once it did I literally had to RUN to the toilet. Even I could see the amusing side of this. It did get a bit tedious however, accompanied by bloating and stomach pains, it wasn’t a walk in the park. I had to sleep in this here computer room, in the spare bed, so I didn’t wake Martin up everytime I ran to the toilet. Thank god for 2 toilets eh!!! Alice did however keep me company all night, snuggling up with me in bed and waiting patiently for my return every time. So sweet.This morning was the easy part, turn up, wait, fill in some forms, injection in the arm, sleep, wake up, all done. Simple as that. Afterwards, when I finally opened my peepers, all I wanted to do was sleep some more. I was feeling so so very lazy! The doc said there were no signs of anything untoward, which was nice, not that I thought there would be. He’s sent off some biopsies just for the fact that I have severe IBS, not sure what these will prove though.Got home, ate some food, drank some cedevita and crashed in front of the heater. Spent most of the day fighting off sleep, finally succumbing sometime this arvo when I climbed into bed and slept for 3 hours. Alice once again joined me for some company!So that’s it for another 2 years (I think!)Martin has left tonight to go to Perisher for a week of skiing, bastard! So I’m home alone with 2 cats for company for a week. Yippeee! 😉


~ by Fen on August 15, 2003.

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