I was gonna get on here and gush about my new jane’s addiction album againthen dad got on(side note: he split up with jen today)he’s being patheticRob says: well probly was – might watch the last few minutes of the game then take the bread out of the maker and perhaps go to bed in my exciting existencestretching out in the sun – like a cat in the window says: don’t be patheticyour existance is more exciting that a lot of people i knowRob says: Speak yto you tomorrow – sure – when you get dumped – and have Nina for company – the grays were not even homeMakes me crossSHE was the freak case who had so many problems that she refused to deal with. SHE makes everyone elses lives miserable and now he’s gone all cynical and pathetic.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!Make it go away now.Bring back my boyfriendI need some sanity around here*puts headphones on*lah lah lah lah lah*plays air guitar*I think I should just join a band and go off on tourheheheheheMaybe I could be a world famous DJI know I am impatient and harsh with my Dad, but he does not deserve shit like that. Far as I’m concerned he’s better of without someone like her.But the thing is not he’s hell bent already on meeting someone else. GOD HELP ME, it’s all going to start again.I think it’s time to run, run far far awaaaaaaaaaaaaay.*sings loudly*I love Perry FarrellI love John 00 FlemingI love Alice the catI love chocolateI love warm beds on cold nightsI love music on my sennheiser headphonesI love singing out loud with them on and wondering if the neighbours can hear my screechingI love typing utter bullshite nonsense on a Saturday nightI love MartinSo ner fucking nerI think I consumed too much sugar


~ by Fen on August 16, 2003.

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