Saturday lethargy

Last night I joined the gals (the A Team) and journeyed down to the Glenferrie to see the Captain Spalding Band. I have not seen these guys in nearly 2 years, it was like going back in time. Bit strange really. But, as expected, nothing has changed, which is kinda comforting.Nearly didn’t make it out courtesy of some ultra accurate projectile vomiting. I was holding the lovely Thomas when he decided that my tiny cleavage would benefit from some decoration, and he proceeded to throw up right down the insides of my top. It was pretty hilarious. Luckily it was mostly on me and not my clothes so I was able to mop up fairly well!!The crowd at the Glenferrie were the trashiest bunch I had seen in a long time, then again I am used to loved up dance crowds as opposed to drunken pub crowds. I will never complain about a dance crowd again, they are tame compared to this lot!!It was a fun night with the team. Lots of laughs and smiles to be had. It’s quite something to be able to go out with 3 other gals and have such a relaxed fun night, we all work superbly as a team!!! Love my gals.Anyway today I am tired and lethargic. Waiting for Martin to come home from skiing, but they didn’t leave til 9am, so he’s gonna be late. Tonight we’re going to John 00 Fleming for some trancin! Should be noice!


~ by Fen on August 23, 2003.

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