no punctuation
can’t be bothered

i had a couple of agencies ring me today, please let them find me a job
the thought of not being able to pay my mortgage freaks me out just slightly, okay well i lied, it freaks me out completely
i don’t want to borrow money off anyone either, i hate being indebted to people

i can’t hear properly, my ears are full of something, maybe it’s gold and i will become rich

ooh my dad just dropped in to see me
it’s always a bit ‘odd’ when he does
he’d been at my sisters, i’m sure she would have done her usual treat him like shit behaviour

fisherman’s friends are burning my mouth

it’s pouring outside (wow really pouring now)

i never did have that acid party
anyone got any salvia?


~ by Fen on June 9, 2004.

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