the job is going well but i am so so so brain deadi am about to go to bed and fall into unconsciousnessmeant to be going to a zillion different drink things tomorrow nite, too tiredstaying in the city on saturday night for emma’s farewell, with the gals, all goodneed to buy more casualish work clothes, suits are not good for my new jobi want my ex boy backi love my catsmy flatmate fell down the stairs this morning and everyone i tell this laughs, well it is pretty funnyhad dinner at nan’s last night, she’s so lovelydad and el came for dinner here tonight, wasn’t half badrang ant in england, love hearing his accent screaming HEYA LAAA down the phone at me, want to travel againvery very very restless – wish i was heading off somewhere, i need a tardismust remember to take a book to read tomorrow, the trains suck, connex are bad bad badi love my CK jacket for this cold weather, i would wear it 24/7 if i couldgood nightpie, this one is public just for you, comment away my sweet


~ by Fen on June 24, 2004.

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