what day is it?

Got up earlyish this morning, okay well before 9.30am anyway!  That’s early for me at the moment!  Nan should be here any time soon.  Mornings are not my best socialising times, but she insisted on coming over.  If she gives me any crap about not working I will throw her off the top balcony!!!Thanks for the pics …they were very cute indeed.Got my ipod fixed yesterday, somehow the cover had started coming off.  I also told them about my pitiful battery life, they tried to print me out some info on battery care and I told them I’d read it all, done it all and it was still the same.  I think they thought I must be some sort of dumb ass.  I hate that.  So I’ve backed up all my songs and I’ll take it back in and have the battery replaced…one day!It was freezing this morning, I mean FREEZING!  I think it got down to about 5 last night, I had to get up early and put the darn heater on! Brrrrrrrr.Anyway, more later…


~ by Fen on July 8, 2004.

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