i’m sick of looking for work

I went to the zoo yesterday with Martin’s Mum.  It was a nice day, wandering about checking out zee animals.  I always love the big cats.  I want to take the snow leopard home with my every time.  The otters are always a laugh too.  I could put some of them in my bathtub!So another day spent doing nothing…I really haven’t got any happier about things.  I’m so over looking for work.  Agencies ringing and promising you the world then you don’t hear from them for ages.  I don’t think they get it.  Losers.I’m sick of having the night sweats too.  I wake up at least 2-3 times a night absolutely saturated in my own sweat.  It’s disgusting.  Nothing I can do, it’s my medication and to change it would mean an even bigger pain.  *sighs*  Just my luck I guess.Anyway, I lost interest in this negative post.


~ by Fen on July 14, 2004.

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