a pleasant sunday afternoon

Martin, his Mum and I spent the afternoon around St Kilda and the beach. It was a blissful day, the sun was shining, barely a whisper of wind, it really didn’t feel like a Winter’s day. I think Spring is just around the corner and I am waiting for it to get colder! LOL. It sure doesn’t get as cold as it used to!! We found the penguins just off the pier, we had late lunch at one of the cafes and we strolled through the markets. All in all it was a delightful day indeed. In other news, I ate a 6 pack of donuts all to myself. Feeling rather piggish now, but hell it was worth it. Haven’t had a donut since I was in Sydney and and I had Krispy Kreme donuts. Unfortunately we don’t have those here, but the ones I did have were delish all the same.I’m so horny I could pop. If Martin doesn’t come over tomorrow I am going to find me a stand-in stand-in. If my photos took any longer to upload I’d be an old wrinkly woman! *curses photobucket for being snail-paced!* But I can’t update this page til I get those pics!! LOL.


~ by Fen on August 1, 2004.

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