bored bored bored

I can’t believe I am so bored and it’s a Saturday night.  Ack.Last night I went out to Honkytonks to see Mike Callander play a 3 hour set.  He dropped Spastik and I went, um, nuts.  Had a great night dancing with my buddies, drinking champers and arsing about.  Martin got tired early so we hit the road at about 3.30am.  Bummer.  I slept at his place cause I’d been drinking, then came home at around midday today.Accidentally slept for most of the day, hence I’m wide awake and bored shitlessly now.  Stupid stupid Fenshtar.Hopefully something will come up tomorrow, I don’t particularly want a day in again.  Meep.


~ by Fen on August 1, 2004.

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