I feel as though I didn’t stop all day today.  Started with the bitch next door having her TV up loud til 2am.  I was so going to stab her with a fork.  If she does it again tonite she’s done for.  Have a really sore shoulder too, feels like my bone is going to protrude!  Eep.I met up with Harvey, Deb, Anna & Lisa for Yum Cha lunch for Harvey’s birthday.  Then Harvey and I went and did a bit of shopping and coffee-ing.  I went up to DE&T to say Hi to everyone and suss out the job situation…all good I think.  Boy I need a job.  Apparently I have a good chance, but I don’t want to jinx myself.I walked up to St Vincent’s hospital in the POURING RAIN, thankfully I had my big arsed umbrella with me, so it was my legs that got wet!  Katie had her gallbladder & massive gallstone removed yesterday, so I dropped in to see the damage!  She’s doing really well, talking about going out Sat night! LOL.  Walked back to the station in the POURING RAIN, caught a train that was so packed you could barely breathe, obviously a cancelled Mordialloc train was the culprit.  F*cking Connex.  I’ve been so tired tonite all I’ve done is eat toasted sandwiches and watch bollocksy TV.  I eventually found the energy to empty the washing machine that I’d put on earlier and hang out my clothes.  That’s about my effort for today. 🙂


~ by Fen on August 5, 2004.

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