lethargy and lack of sleep

Gawd I had a big night last night, one glass of champagne but much madness. A farewell for Katie and lots of emotional outbursts (not by me), counselling, amazing chats, oh it was all there. Add to that mix a fantastic set by both Dave Pham and Mike Callander and Fenspastik was in full hurricane mode.Got home at 6am and zonked. Didn’t sleep overly well and now I am just awake, trying to pass the time until I can go to bed again!!!! are you left handed or right handed? Right, but can be bothare you smart? whowhat’s your middle name? Linahow many personalities do you have? fen, fenspastik and fenstar!do you like v-8? what is v-8?what was your first word? flowerare you superstitious? not particularlydo you read your horoscope? not the newspaper/website onesdo you believe in that stuff? um, nahcan you do a cartwheel? used to be able to, not about to try nowdo you have contact lenses? nodo you have a retainer or braces? nocan you drive? certainly canwhat do you drive? toyota echodo you snore? nodo you drool in your sleep? YES! LOLdo you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? eew, I use self sticky onesdo you keep a journal? duhwhat languages do you know? english, that’s embarrassing, wish i knew morewhat’s the best awards show? none of themdo you like onions? yes, cept when i am cutting themdo you like cotton candy? fairy floss?? yesdo you like pina coladas? never had onewhat instruments can you play? used to play the saxwhat words do you overuse? all of themwhat do you sleep in? my bed with my catshow many pillows do you have? 3do you like to dance? oh shit yeahdo you like to sing? sure doare you any good at it? used to be, darn dance music ruined my vocal abilitieshow many CDs do you have? oh stacks and stacksdo you like to talk on the phone? sometimeshow many times have you moved houses? quite a fewwhat do you think of chain letters? they’re wrong!do you like where you live? love itis your room messy? it is at the momentwhat do you smell like? at the moment, smokey hair and nice smelling clarins stuffare you organized? sometimesdo you sleep with socks on? ack noare you ticklish? Yesare you shy? at times i amdo you talk to yourself? of course i dogot any lucky charms? nois your house 1, 2, or 3 stories? 2do you have a basement or an attic? an underground garage…did you go to preschool? huhare you a morning person? hell no waywhat’s your favorite outfit? clotheswho has the sexiest voice in the world? alan rickmanwho has the most annoying voice in the world? the nanny womanwhat’s your IQ? no ideaare you a virgin? pffft!are you proud of that? i’m proud of everythingdo you believe in reincarnation? YEPwhat’s your favorite feature (on yourself)? my stomachwhat do you do when you’re nervous? jiggle my legswho’s your role model? my mumwhat celebrities do you look like? nonewhat celebrities do you act like? gawd nonehow old do you wish you were? this age, i like this agehave you ever gone skinny dipping? of coursehave you ever thought you were gonna die? yeah once or twicewhere’s the farthest place you ever traveled? overseas…where do you wanna go? europe to livewhat religion are you? nonewhat’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? I give lots of good advice, I am the counsellorwhat’s your motto? i don’t really have one Ok that was boring and I nearly fell asleep doing it.How am I going to make it til later on….


~ by Fen on September 12, 2004.

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