ban ye

I have banned 6 people from Soulseek today, none of them shared files. YAY.

Makes for interesting conversations if they get narky:

(21:48) [milospav] thanx for a ban!!!
[cheshkat] no worries, if you dont share that’s what you can expect
(21:48) [milospav] what do u mean i dont share…?
(21:49) [milospav] u blind?
[cheshkat] nope, i browsed you and it had no files shared
(21:50) [milospav] good luck next time
[cheshkat] good luck yourself

This one was not so bad, I gave in 😀

(21:46) [pink wolf] heej why did you ban me ?
[cheshkat] you don’t have any files on share
(21:46) [pink wolf] wait a sec
(21:48) [pink wolf] where you from ?
[cheshkat] why?
(21:49) [pink wolf] because we have a limit with the internet provider in belgium so if people download to much you get kicked back on smaalband and thats my worst nightmare
(21:51) [pink wolf] but i’m resetting my shared documents so in a few seconds you will be able to browse me
[cheshkat] ah that sucks
(21:51) [pink wolf] but where you from now ??
[cheshkat] australia
[cheshkat] i’ll unban you – queue up what you wanted
(21:52) [pink wolf] thx

FUCK, I just banned another 3! Either SLSK is playing up or there are a lot of dickcheeses out there tonite. Do they not get it??????????????

~ by Fen on December 28, 2004.

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