last night out!

So I went for my last night out at Honkys last night. I’m not really going to miss that place, it’s become too full of really wasted kiddies pushing their way around the dancefloor. I miss the people that used to hang out there.

I had a good night however, the music was pretty nasty, but the company was good. I ran into Bron, which totally blew my mind, i haven’t seen her in way too long. It’s funny, we were once so close, we drifted, but I held nothing against that. It was bloody good to see her again, I often wonder what she’s been up to, how can you not when someone was such a big part of ones life.

So the farewells have begun. It’s all a big strange. Strange is not the word, but my brain fell out earlier in the day.

About to shower and take the cats up to Dad’s, another farewell. Oh how i am going to miss my little bundles of fur and love.

~ by Fen on May 22, 2005.

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