So it’s another grey day, but at least it’s not as wet as it was yesterday! I went walking down the main street, with no jacket nor umbrella and got soaked! It was good to get the exercise though and to have a look around town again. Nothing much has changed. Kinda reassuring but weird too. I guess I’m used to Melbs, the eternally evolving city. Here, things seem to be pretty stationary. (or is it ‘ery’, bah, can’t remember!).We had a mad couple from Wales arrive yesterday, I’d say they’re in their 50’s. Arrived on their motorbikes, decked out in their gear. I must say it’s a bit of a novelty for me all this motorbike stuff. Ha! Not sure I’m that interested in the races, but the accompanying festivities aint half bad.Jaye (Ean & Kate’s nearly 4 year old) has been dragging me round showing me her ‘things’ and making me do things with her. Oh how I love the innocence of young kids. She’s an absolute doll. Must take some pics of her.Anyway, not much else is happening. Everyone is at work and the house is quiet. Not sure what I’m doing today, might go wandering again, see how busy the town is getting.


~ by Fen on June 2, 2005.

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