Killarney Ireland

So here I am in Killarney, Ireland with Katie, hooray. It’s grey and drizzly today. Boy I can’t wait for Spain and some heat.So to back track somewhat…it’s been a while. *puts brain into gear*London had been hot hot hot. Low 30’s which is stifling for London. Wasn’t very pleasant, but heck, at least it wasn’t raining. All hail to that. I went to a gay bar called Ghetto one night, it was like a darn sauna in there, but we did have some fun and a half. When I get back I am going to go to G.A.Y. Bar with a gay guy I made friends with. I might even go to live with him, he’s going to be finding a place whilst I am away, so fingers crossed eh. He knows London like the back of his hand as he’s fairly local, so yeah, that would rock.One of the hot days I walked up to Camden Markets and Canals with Ian and Rassmuss (Dr. Norway!) and visited the sights up there. I even got sunburnt, how hilarious. The markets were quite rubbishy but the walk along the canals was good. We ended up in Regent Park, had a snooze on the lawn and then played soccer with some lads. All good.Drank beer madly one night with Ian and Mark and got quite drunk! Mind you it still doesn’t take me much to be that way. Trying not to over do the drinking, I’m trying to lose weight, not gain a belly.I swapped numbers and emails with a heap of people from all over Europe in the last week, so we have some places to stay when we travel. Everyone is so sweet, honestly, it’s been so much fun. Even if we don’t go out we sit in the kitchen drinking til the wee hours. I honestly can’t remember what else I’ve been doing.I have another cold, hooray, so I’m not in a wonderful mood, but I’m happy just to wander about. I flew in here yesterday with Ryanair, out of stormy London and into drizzly Ireland! Great to see Katie again. Can’t believe it’s been 9 months. The hostel i’m staying in is nice, fairly modern, the showers suck though! And no one does brazillian waxing, hmmm. That’s a worry, Spain is next. Ha ha haOh and a massive CONGRATULATIONS to Brooke for giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Maya Ellen (sorry if I spelt it wrong, haven’t seen how you spelt it yet!). I am so proud of you for doing so well honey. Can’t wait to see the pics.Anyway, I have to go and book flights with Katie for Spain/Portugal/Morrocco.I’ll be able to get on the net more now I’m here, so I should update more often. Might even get to upload some pics.Fenx


~ by Fen on June 21, 2005.

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