Ding ding dingle

Well today Katie and I went on an outing to Dingle. Heh. We nearly got killed a couple of times on the way, mad country drivers…but we arrived safely and tucked into a lovely seafood lunch.Dingle is on the coast, so the views in and around were lovely. Took the touristy photos, however as you will all know by now, there’s no point me telling you this cause you can’t see them! Ha! Ner ner.Going out tonite, feeling rather beat, but I will put the effort in. Maybe just for a few pints. I’m not sure my huffy lungs will cope with much more. However, with the pubs/clubs being non smoking, this helps the cause somewhat.I’m kinda hanging to go back to London and see the noodles there. Here’s lovely, but I’m over it! There’s not enough to keep me occupied, I dunno, the people in the hostel are strange! Last night we had fights at 4am in the room next door, thefts from other rooms, it’s odd considering this is a smallish town. I felt way happier in London. I’m going to be in the annex when I’m back at the hostel, home away from home? 😀 At least I know I can get decent conversations there!It’s funny, I think I’d be quite happy just settling into life in London for the moment. I’m not that fussed about travelling anymore. PMT dammit, I’m sure that’s what it is! Meh. I know it will be good however, I’m just feeling moody and old today. Oooooooooooold! LOL.I misses my catters. I wish I could have Alice curling up in my hair every night. Dad rang the other day and she was being noisy in the background as per usual, we are a great couple Alice and I! I miss Elliott and his squeaky meow. I got a new phone the other day and of course I can’t transfer my pics onto my new phone, so I have no family pics of the cats 😦 Boo hoo.

~ by Fen on June 25, 2005.

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