Hey hey itºs summer in portugal

Firstly, everyone I know in London is safe and sound. Big sighs of relief all round. They heard the bombs going off, but thankfully weren´t in the vicinity. A big f*ck you to the terrorists.I´m in Lisbon the capital of Portugal tonite, in a brand new hostel, which is marvellous. It´s very clean and well thought out. We travelled up from Lagos on the train, it was about a 4 hour journey, very comfortable and nice. A bit amusing was the fact that a lot of ppl had their dogs travelling with them! So cute. The weather has been wonderfully warm, I´m slowly tanning, mmmmm. You so can´t be pale and interesting in Europe. Tans all round.Ooh I need a wee.Crikey.Hope everyone is well, keep commenting, I do check even if I don´t have time to reply.Love to you all.


~ by Fen on July 8, 2005.

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