Hey Kids, Spent today walking around Lisbon, checking things out. Got a free henna tattoo off a Pakistani guy who was saying I was wonderful, it says my name in Arabic. LOL! So cute. I´ve locked this entry cause I want to have a whinge. I´m already sick of travelling with other people, namely Katie, cause she is totally wanting to do different things to me. I want to walk around, looking at things, checking it all out. She wants to do the “touristy” things. I ask her what these are, she doesn´t know. OKAY. Isn´t travelling about exploring the places you go? Walking around, getting the feel of the place, checking out the history? I´m not quite sure what she is on about. One thing she did say was she wanted to go “to some place in the middle of no where and have beers with the locals”. Yah. So not for me. I don´t think we are quite in the same place somehow. Guess we´ll see what happens eh. I don´t want to do the 21st century things, the things u can get in any city in any country in the world. I want to see the essence of a place. Blah blah. I sent some clothes back to London today, so I don´t have to carry so much around, didn´t cost that much which was great. I think I´ll post presents too, it´s so not expensive to do. Anyway, I´ll keep you guys posted!!!!!!!!


~ by Fen on July 9, 2005.

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