Hola Spain – Madrid

Hola folks,I´m here in stinking hot Madrid, it´s around 37+ degrees at the moment, it doesn´t cool down til well into the night. But hey, I luff the heat.We arrived here via an overnight train from Lisbon, with our own little sleeper cabin that was a lot of fun. We were so excited we couldn´t sleep and drank some beers in the bar with a gay american dude before attempting sleep. The train was hypnotic and I was asleep pretty fast. However we lost an hours worth of sleep due to the time difference, so we were pretty tired when we arrived in Madrid.We found a huge supermarket nearby which has the best stuff. I went clothes shopping at some big department store thing, heh, woops. But heck, the clothes here are way cool. Plus it´s too hot to wear things for more than one day, sweat is my new friend!!!!I´ve got a 20 year old spanish boy who is constantly chatting me up, he´s so cute and FIT, oh lord. Save me from cute young boys.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haPS – I realise I am so crap at updating this thing. I haven´t really said much at all in many of my entries. Never fear, i´m having loads of fun. Things are swell!!PPS – I miss my cats still


~ by Fen on July 12, 2005.

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