back in london

Hey all, well I’m back in London town now after touring Spain and Portugal. I’ve got myself a shiny new laptop which is rocking my socks off and it has wireless net, so I am making the mostest of it. Have managed to get my pics onto it, so in the next few days I will upload some of them to somewhere. I have so much to tell, but I, as usual, am feeling rather lazy. But kids, I’ll be on msn more often and updating more often. i might even get a job the next few days i’m going to decide what i’m really doing oh yeah, and dye my hair, I can see the greys pushing through again. LOL. I have Skype too, so I can ring people for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. So you guys might be getting phone calls from me internet style. If I ever work out how it goes and all that. Anyway, short and telling nothing as usual. Take care my noodling friends. xx


~ by Fen on July 21, 2005.

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