Ok kids. So I can’t webcam you guys due to some firewall business, which also renders my msn voice abilities useless. So i urge you to all go out and get microphones (so so cheap) and speakers and install the wonderful program that is SKYPE. Honestly, this is the shiznit. It’s like talking on a phone, sometimes even better than international lines and definitely cheaper. I.E. no cost at all cause it’s the internerd. If you already have it, add me to your list, my username is cheshkat, and we can chat away. Maybe even in the future it will incorporate a webcam facility, who knows!

Ooh just found out that I can also use GOOGLE TALK. So if you cyber nerds wanna use that, let me know your gmail account, or if you need a gmail invite just let me know…I think i still have somewhere in the vicinity of 48 invites left.

So damn well do it or I will be forced to come home and beat you all senseless.

No excuses ya hear me.

Rising in the morning to speak to you
beneath the feet of the city
you disconnect from me
when you’re gone you take your century
telephone breath between us
the whole world is between us
only these wires
dust between the wires
and the green grass
in the distance
i am your tourist

In other news, I have a zillion books to buy for uni, so if you are feeling generous and wanna help out go to My Amazon Wishlist Page. Every little bit counts, as I can’t afford much until my student loan comes through, and who knows when the heck that might be. Gah.

And finally a pic of me glaring at my computer, trying to work out why my brain hurts, semi curly hair from getting rained upon today.
Image hosted by

~ by Fen on September 23, 2005.

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