weather update!

ok, so, it’s too cold out there, i think it’s going to be a grand total of 6 today. Back home that is a really cold winters day. Here it’s sunny and nice, but effing freezing. I so totally don’t have enough winter clothes. I can’t wait til my Australia tax cheque comes through, I might have enough money to buy me some decent winter clothes.

Got my ticket for the Uni Christmas Dinner today, should be good, apparently it is always a lot of fun. As for the rest of Christmas, well maybe I’ll hole myself up, most people are going home and stuff.

Spent yesterday recovering from the night before, I was well hung over. One bottle of wine to myself = a noodle with a broken brain. I’m a 2 glass chick normally. Cheap and easy šŸ˜‰ It was a really fun night however, plenty of laughs and madness.

Starting hypnotherapy on Wednesday, should be interesting.


~ by Fen on November 17, 2005.

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