Ooh I’m up early, but shortly I will return to sleep.
Abigail spent the night here with me, snuggled up in my bed. She broke up with her boyfriend last night and the poor thing was so distraught. She’s gone to work now, not sure how she’s going to manage with that, but big ups to her for attempting it.

My essay is about 35 words off being complete. Later today I will do a read through and edit what needs editing and add anything else I feel is necessary. I can’t believe how hard it has been. I guess it’s not unexpected, given my B12 levels are quite low, but heck, the amount of times I’ve sat there and yelled at the screen coz I can’t come up with a simple word has been stupid! Oh, and it’s also been a good 13 years since I last wrote an essay! Ha ha ha.

Ok, sleep time now, my eyes are starting to sting.

PS – thanks El for the pic of Alice, it made me have a little teary.


~ by Fen on December 12, 2005.

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