C.I.D Fenoodle!!!

Ok, so we go to this bar tonight for my sister, Elinor’s birthday, in Putney, called Bar Room Bar. Very nice bar.

Just before we leave, Emma (my flatmate) and I go to the toilet. When we come out there is a brawl going on, punches flying everywhere. These two guys I noticed earlier, muscley wanker guys, were decking people, one guy was on the ground convulsing, one guy was covered in blood and then I saw one of the muscle guys king hit a guy and knock him out cold. Of course they ran out as soon as this happened. It was really nasty. Some guy calls the police and they arrive pretty quickly. I make a statement cause I had a really good description of both of the guys and we also had them in the background of some of our photos. We then go over to the bus stop to wait for our bus. It eventually comes and we head home. Two stops down the road the muscley guys get onto the bus. Luckily we had our back to them, but i’d seen them running to the bus stop. I talked to the guy opposite me and asked him if they’d gone upstairs (double decker bus). He said yes, so I called the police. Scotland Yard lol. Like in the movies. So i’m talking to the despatcher and filling her in on what happened earlier and how the perps were now on the bus with us and she dispatched the police from the crime scene to chase our bus. She told me to walk up the front of the bus and tell the driver to slow down and then to stop at the next stop. Meanwhile I had to give her a running update on where we were positioned etc. We got to a stop in Roehampton and I went to sit down, so if they guys came down they couldn’t see me. About 20 seconds later (which felt like 10 minutes) I saw the blue flashing lights of the police behind us. The muscley guys must have seen this too and came down from the top of the bus, I got off the phone in case they realised it was me that called the cops, but by this time the police were outside the bus. They got on the bus and arrested the muscley guys. It was fantastic. It was the same cops that had been at the bar, so they were already up to date on what had gone down, so they just took them off for questioning.

I felt pretty good and relieved. They were pretty shitty guys. I came home and had a beer to celebrate my new crime solving status

Ha ha ha ha.

What a night eh.
The moral of this story is, don’t fuck with the Aussie Fen.

~ by Fen on February 23, 2006.

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