Kelly’s farewell at the Village

Last night we went out to The Village in Soho for Kelly’s farewell night. She has left today to go to Uganda for 3 months to study monkeys for her primatology course.We had a fantastic night, lots of laughs and dancing and fun.Image hosting by PhotobucketEl, Abigail, Me, Emma, LisaImage hosting by PhotobucketEm and IImage hosting by PhotobucketKelly and IImage hosting by PhotobucketEl, and yes, I ♥ SohoImage hosting by PhotobucketDavid dancing with EmmaImage hosting by PhotobucketDavid dancingImage hosting by PhotobucketDavid and I looking sweaty after arsing about on stage :)So yeah, Kelly has gone already today and the flat is quieter :(Feeling rather tired, hrmmm wonder why that is!!


~ by Fen on March 19, 2006.

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