Dream 21st March 2006I dreamed that I was living at home with my parent(s?) and we were moving house. We were moving to a house that I didn’t want to move to. I was finding every negative thing out about this house I could. My bedroom was small, but large enough to contain my computer on an inbuilt desk. The bathroom was huge. I was driving a car delivering the furniture, whereas my Dad was putting the furniture at the end of the road, which was far away and the road was not flat! We had a pet snake and we had let it go into the house to acquaint itself with the house before we moved in. The gardens of this house were amazing. Huge. I spent a lot of time working on the water system so that the garden could be watered properly. When I turned the water on it provided an amazing spectacle of jets of water! The house was adjacent to a village (?) and it had great shops such as a butchers, bakers, continental type delicatessen. I could smell the bread being baked and watched the butchers as they cut up the meat. I felt wonderful knowing this food was available.For some reason we had 2 bodies in the house!! This was perfectly acceptable. One was in the freezer and one was in the big bin, which was ok as long as no one opened the bin. Of course someone came along and tried to put rubbish in the bin and we all ran for the fear of the stench that came out! We had to go find the funeral guy in town to get him to burn the bodies.The washing machine in the house was extremely old and archaic. Later on I was taking photos of snakes when one bit me on the arm. I could feel the poison travelling up my arm and told someone to tie a tourniquet around my elbow area. It wasn’t tight enough and I felt the poison travel through, heavy and painful, so I told them to re tie it nearer to my shoulder.That’s all I can remember. I’ll add more if I remember anything else 🙂


~ by Fen on March 22, 2006.

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