Fek.Ok, semi serious update because i’ve been spewing forth utter shite lately. *grins*Got my essay handed in this week. It’s going to get madder from here on in. We’ve got to find our placements asap, organise counselling, undergo supervision blah blah. WOW. I’m so excited at the prospect and daunted at the same time.I’m gonna apply for that freakin student loan shit too, see if i can get it this year. I need money, it’s going to be hard to work more than a couple of full days a week with all that stuff up there on the go. But I have run out of funds. Well and truly, so something has to give.Shit, I just remembered I was going to go family planning to get Implanon tonight, and guess what, I forgot. DUNCE.Yesterday would have been my Mother’s 58th birthday if she was still alive. It’s been 4 years in May since she died. I am amazed at the human coping abilities, because I remember back then thinking my life would stand still and I would never move forth from that feeling. But here I am. Fuck me, four years, sometimes it feels like another lifetime, I seem to have lived a few of those. Other days it feels like a week ago. Those raw feelings never leave, I guess you let them surface less often. I miss you Mum and I hope where ever you are that you are looking out for me and my sis ♥But, here’s to the future, it’s all you have to look forward to in reality

~ by Fen on March 31, 2006.

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