What a mind numbingly boring weekend.Typical spring weather, sun shining one minute, pouring rain the next, intermittent gusts of wind!I’ve just been told I’m like a Brit talking about the weather. Alas I think it’s more of the Melbourne in me than the Brit!!My left eye is dribbling and twitching, it’s preferrable to keep it shut!! Aaarrrr.I’m listening to this Image hosting by Photobucket CD, it is very good. Reminds me of being on the back deck at home, lying on the banana lounge in the warm sun. Such good memories to have. You don’t appreciate it at the time, well maybe you do, but when reminiscing about such things, i feel all warm and nice.I’m going to North Yorkshire on Wednesday, so spend a week at Emma’s families house. Should be great.


~ by Fen on April 2, 2006.

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