I know I said I would update my previous entry, but alas I didn’t!! Ha.Anyway, today has been rather boring.I’ve been pondering my birthday, which I will have to spend by my lonesome as everyone else is away :(Boo.My first birthday here in London and no one to celebrate it with, can you believe that.That’s what you get having Easter the day after it – bah humbug!I can’t even afford to gorge myself with chocolate and live off the chocolate high.Never mind.El is in Turkey the lucky biach. I’m tipping it’s a tad warmer over there than it is here. Though, it is warming up, slowly but surely. The blossoms are out, the leaves are budding, all sure signs my favourite time of the year, summer, is on its way. HOORAY.I desperately need a haircut. In fact, a friend in Dublin has offered to cut it for me for free, get this, it would be CHEAPER for me to fly there and see her than to go to a salon!!! Alas, no money no haircut. I must have been standing in manure lately as my hair has grown like a mad thing. The grey hairs too.To those of you at home, I now have a Skype In number, or a landline number hooked up to my computer. If you didn’t get my email and want it, drop me a comment.Technology roolz 😀


~ by Fen on April 12, 2006.

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