So last night I ended up at Kingston A&E because I was ready to crawl up in a corner and cry the night away. Mentally I was exhausted, physically I was a wreck. I can’t begin to explain it.Wanna list of symptoms? Too bad, you’re getting it:Withdrawal side-effects/reactions from (SSRI) Anti-depressants which may be seen within 8-hours, often includes a spontaneously experience of a “flu-like” syndrome, feeling “crummy”, tired, achy, etc.. In addition to the flu-like symptoms: anxiety, dizziness, fatigue, headache, migraine-like feelings, nerves jangling when moving eyes, continuous indigestion, neck and back pain, psychotic features such as visual and/or audial hallucinations/illusions, insomnia, nausea, restlessness, “electrical shock” like phenomena/electrical surges or shocks through the head and/or body, hyper-sensitivity of the nervous system to light, sound, colours & stressors, tremors, tinnitus and a vertiginous-like experience, depressive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, extreme anger, severe agitation, extreme irritability, “over-reacting”, ringing in ears and throbbing in head, vomiting, paranoia, aggressive behaviour, rollercoaster emotions rapidly following up on eachother, out of character behaviour, severe malaise, general dysphoria, derealization, panic attacks.The worst was the nerves, I felt like if i opened my eyes that my head was on some sort of time delay and it was freaking me out severely.Anyway, into accident and emergency and I got a sedative to relax my nerves and muscles and the lovely doctor gave me some advice.I honestly want to go and complain to someone about my original doctor who told me to do it this way. I want to bash his fucking head in. Sorry for the strong words, but fuck, no wonder people do themselves in, it’s way too harsh.So today I’m feeling somewhat better, though still nervy and headachey, but no where near as bad as last night *phew*. I really want to go out tomorrow night, but I guess I’ll see how I’m feeling eh.I wish I had my cats here to look after me 😦


~ by Fen on April 28, 2006.

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